Three Reasons Why Golson And Notre Dame Will Beat Florida State


Saturday night marks Notre Dame’s third day of October that will define their 2014 season. The Irish travel to Florida’s Panhandle an 11.5-point dog (per Vegas Insider) and I am hearing a lot of the same sentiments about why Notre Dame has no chance against the Seminoles. But just like what B-Rabbit gracefully said to Poppa Doc in 8 Mile, “I know everything he’s got to say against me.” Notre Dame will not win because of their turnovers, their once daunting schedule isn’t living up to their billing, and look what Notre Dame does in big games.

Well for starters, the Irish’s turnover problem is something that can easily be fixed. It’s not like having a red shirt freshman making his second career start at center against an attacking defense. Here we go again with the “pundits” blasting Notre Dame’s schedule again. It’s not the Irish’s fault that teams like Michigan are a bunch of Jabronis and don’t live up to expectations. Now for the Notre Dame not showing up for the big games, that’s fair.

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I’ll give the Jabronis this one. But remember that we are not living in 2012 any more, and more importantly, this is not 2013. So if you think that Notre Dame will lose Saturday night’s game because of past events, stop reading right now. Because the three reasons Notre Dame will pull off the upset against Florida State are simple: Everett Golson, Everett Golson, and

“Dat’ boy EG.”

People like to praise Jameis Winston because of his on field success and I can’t blame them for that. I am not here to take away Winston’s on field success because that would be unfair. Now here is a question that no one is asking. Are the off field indiscretions of both players going to factor into the outcome? I am not going to sit here and argue about what Winston did or did not do, but it is a distraction to him and the program right now.

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  • The effects of Winston’s actions are not only being felt in Tallahassee, but all around the NCAA. Also, there must be a reason why one of the aforementioned incidents doesn’t seem to go away. So does Golson cheating on a test seem all that bad now? Majority of the people reading can relate to what Golson was thinking at the time. I know I can.

    Jamesis Winston and Florida State’s off field drama is now a bonus reason why Notre Dame will win on Saturday night. So if you are still not on the Golson bandwagon yet, it will be making all scheduled stops from now until bowl season. And if you are still one of those Jabronis who think Notre Dame still needs to prove themselves, as Walter White once said, “If you don’t know who I am? Then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.