An Open Letter To Everett Golson


Dear Everett Golson,

It almost feels like yesterday when you committed to the Irish and I found myself watching your high school highlight reel at a scummy house party in Philadelphia. As I watched the clips on YouTube with my roommate, one word kept on being mentioned: Vick. Michael Vick is exactly the player we thought you were going to be for the Irish. But before you were able to show us that Vick-like arm in Norman, we had to wait until you were on campus.

But, in BK fashion, you had to sit out the 2011 season due because you received a redshirt. In retrospect, this made Irish fans want you more; seeing that we had to endure watching Thomas Rees throw dead ducks into the Indiana sky. Then after the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl, we knew were going to have our quarterback of the future. Then 2012 happened.

Irish fans welcomed you into their hearts after you “rode the bus” to the BCS National Championship Game. Sure, you played reckless at times and you had us screaming at our Al Bundy, but you weren’t Tommy Rees. Then after all the dust settled in Miami, you were one of the few bright spots in an otherwise awful disaster. You gave us hope for 2013.

Then you cheated and broke our hearts. Honestly, do you know who cheats on exams? Jabronis like me. But, do you what I am not? I’m not the quarterback at one of the most prestigious universities in the entire world. But, with anything in sports, you can right any wrong by winning. And that’s exactly what you did, Everett – for a little bit.

I was the first person on your Heisman campaign last summer – and for a while – it looked like you were proving me right. But then you and the Irish went through the looking glass and became a shell of what you were in the first half of the season. I wonder what your season would have turned out like if you beat Florida State? But, that’s different discussion for another day.

But now you’re leaving us again and this time it’s all about you. You could have stuck around and beat our Malik for the starting job, but you choose to cough it up at some other school. You have the chance to look like your prom date when home with someone else on some other sideline. But, you know what? I am not mad about it. I have a feeling Irish fans are going to treat you like an ex-lover. Meaning that it was fun while it lasted, we had a nasty break up, and now we hate each other. But, we’re going to be filled with jealousy once we see you with someone else. So to wrap this letter up, I wish you the best on wherever your journey takes you.

Thanks for the memories,

Mike Shields

P.S. Malik’s first touchdown run vs. Texas is going to put your name in the back of the minds of Irish fans.

The Zaire-era is upon us!