Notre Dame Football: Hey Chip Long, RUN THE BALL


Notre Dame football has a program-long saying, giving coaches and players a strong word of advice when it comes to the offense… RUN THE BALL.

Chip Long comes into Notre Dame will a fully stocked receiving core, some of the best tight ends in the nation, an incredible offensive line, and a new highly-talented quarterback. All of those are necessary for Notre Dame’s success. None of them are as important as running the ball.

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The Irish have this secret weapon in their backfield that is easily one of the best running backs in the country. His name, Josh Adams. His role in 2017, lead Notre Dame to a bounce back season.

In 2016, Adams may have been the most underused back in the NCAA. How underused you ask? Well, in 2015, behind C.J. Prosise, Adams ran 116 times for 838 yards and six touchdowns. Not bad for a first-year back sitting behind a future NFL playmaker. In 2016, though, Adams only ran the ball 158 times for 933 yards and five touchdowns.

933 yards averaging 5.9 yards per carry isn’t a bad year. For a sophomore who had the bulk of the load, it’s a solid stat line. But for a player who could have easily ranked in the top 10 in college running backs, Adams was definitely underused by Brian Kelly.

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NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame /

So, Chip Long, I have a proposal. One that most, if not all, Notre Dame fans will stand behind. Use Josh Adams more than ever. The guy is crazy talented and has some of the best vision in the country. You have a quarterback who will be starting for the firs time in his career, and an offensive line that is returning two 2017 NFL Draft picks if they decided to declare. Adams is the answer to success. No one saw it last season, but it’s a new year. RUN THE BALL.

Use the 6’1 running machine you have behind Wimbush and make Notre Dame the ground and pound team it once was. When teams start to realize this is a running team use Wimbush’s talent to exploit defenses.

That’s how you’ll turn this team around. You have all the weapons you can ask for. Coming into a program that went 4-8 the year before shouldn’t have this much talent, but it does. Take advantage of it and use the stars first. The biggest star on the roster is Josh Adams.

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I can promise you right now if Adams rushes for over 1,500 yards in 2017, Notre Dame finishes in the top 15. The defense isn’t that strong but should be a lot better. Your quarterback is brand new. Let your superstar running back carry this team to glory. He will not disappoint you.

Take this advice, and good things will happen. Notre Dame fans have known the secret to winning for decades. It’s pretty simple but goes a long way towards success. So, Chip Long, please RUN THE BALL.