Notre Dame Football: Making the Case For Ian Book


Yesterday, Slap the Sign discussed whether or not the Irish should keep Brandon Wimbush as the starter. Today, Slap the Sign makes the case for current backup Ian Book.

The Case For Ian Book

The Sophomore Quarterback from El Dorado Hills, California made one start against North Carolina. Book completed 17 of 31 passes for 146 yards with a touchdown and 2 interceptions. He also added 45 yards on the ground.

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This performance underwhelmed many. The ability to run the football is the biggest difference between Wimbush and Book. The threat that Wimbush creates opened up several holes for Irish Running Backs. Against USC and NC State, teams keyed on Wimbush on the read option. This allowed Adams to run wild.

However, Wimbush does not throw the ball as well as Book. Book completed 57.1% of his passes. This is much higher than Wimbush’s sub 50% total. He clearly is much more accurate. However, Book’s time on the field this season showed that he lacks great arm strength. Simply, Book cannot stretch the field with his arm.

Overall, the Quarterback at Notre Dame’s ability to run the ball, throw accurately and strongly is necessary. Currently, Wimbush does two of three. He runs the ball well and possesses the ability to make all the throws.

Unfortunately, Book can only do one of the three. He can throw the ball accurately. That simply is not a reason to put Book on the field as the starter. Although he can do what Wimbush cannot, he also fails to do what Wimbush does well.

Bottom Line

Many Notre Dame fans are concerned about mediocrity. Placing Book on the field is the safe play. He can win a lot of games. Book will not make tons of mistakes. But, he cannot win games against great competition like Wimbush can.

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Although he failed against Miami (FL) and Stanford, he also succeeded against Michigan State and USC. Ian Book is an important piece to the Irish roster but he should not start over Wimbush.