Notre Dame football: Ranking the best road trips of the 2021 schedule

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Notre Dame Football
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Notre Dame Football has some interesting road trips coming up in the 2021 schedule, and here are the top-5 to go see if you are fans of the Irish.

Most fans want to go watch Notre Dame Football at home, in Notre Dame Stadium. After all, the history and tradition is a ton of the appeal in the program. Who doesn’t want to see Touchdown Jesus or the Irish come out of the tunnel to the home crowd?

Of course, only half the games a season happen at home, and with Notre Dame’s nationwide fanbase, it is sometimes easier to see them on the road than at home. That’s not a bad thing, though. Road games can be a great opportunity to see both the Irish and how other fanbases celebrate their teams.

This season, there are five road games, and in their own way, they’re all going to be great road trips. However, there is still a pecking order to these road trips, and this is that pecking order, from worst road trip to best road trip.

To an extent, this is entirely subjective. One person may value seeing a rival more than seeing a competitive game, while others may care about everything but the game. So, for our purposes, there are three things to consider. The first is stadium atmosphere and tradition. Second, you have the quality of the game itself. Obviously, this is a predictive qualification, and there is room for this to be wrong if teams disappoint or surprise in 2021. Finally, the third aspect each road trip is going to be judged on is the surrounding community.

Now, without further ado, here are the five road trips for Notre Dame football in 2021 ranked from worst to first.