Notre Dame football lands in top-5 of all-time AP preseason Top-25 poll

The Notre Dame football program has long been one of the best in the country, and they recently landed top-5 in the all-time AP Poll.

Soon, the AP will release their preseason top-25 poll ahead of the 2022 college football season, and we will find out where the Notre Dame football team starts out. For the Irish, they are likely to be a top-10 team, possibly even creeping up into the top-5, which is where many early predictors have them.

With plenty of first-round talent on the roster and an exciting new head coach at the helm, there are high expectations for the Irish this season. The schedule is tough, as they open up against Ohio State, a team that could be the No. 1 preseason team when all is said and done.

In terms of ranking, one recent piece showed where the Irish have landed in the preseason AP Poll throughout the years.

Notre Dame football comes in at No. 5 overall recently dove into all AP Polls from the last 25 years, giving points to each team listed on the preseason poll. The No. 1 team got 25 points, No. 2 got 24, and so on, and for the Irish, they finished at No. 5 all-time.

Only Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama, and USC came in above the Irish.

Another interesting part of the piece was how they broke it down by decades, and where the Irish landed per decade was at the top and bottom of the rankings. In the 1950s, they came in at No. 2 overall, while barely making the top 25 in the 2000s, landing at No. 25.

In the 1990s, 1980s, 1970s, and 1960s, the Irish were top-10.

Of course, preseason rankings do not mean much, as we see teams not even ranked come in and finish as one of the top teams in the country each season. The Notre Dame football program, they have been dominant throughout its history, and the 2020s could bring a ton of success.