Another dual-sport star eyes Notre Dame football starting spot

The Notre Dame Football team is starting to corner the market on dual-sport stars who can excel at whatever they do.
Another dual-sport star eyes Notre Dame football starting spot
Another dual-sport star eyes Notre Dame football starting spot / Greg Swiercz / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you thought that Jordan Faison was the only two-sport star who is expected to excel for Notre Dame football this year, it turns out you were very wrong. In fact, there’s a new contender for most impressive dual-threat athlete on Marcus Freeman’s squad.

Jordan Faison has gotten the most attention because he finished the Notre Dame Football season on a roll and then immediately began the lacrosse season with a bang. However, as we get closer to the fall, it looks like Faison is going to have company on the other side of the ball. For now, Drake Bowen is even getting more attention than the wide receiver.

Drayk Bowen, according to multiple reports, is positioning himself to be a starting linebacker for Notre Dame Football. That’s despite the fact that he’s currently in the middle of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball season. 

Granted, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that he understands the gridiron might end up being where he ends up staying. He recently told On3 that he can taste a starting spot for the Notre Dame football team and he’s been working hard this spring towards that goal.

“I’ve trained my whole life for this,” Bowen said. “I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. This is something that I’ve dreamed of ever since I was a little kid. I feel like I’ve always prepared for this moment. I just gotta go take it.”

Notre Dame Football has another dual-sport star on its hands

It’s also worth pointing out that while Bowen is getting the most attention right now, Faison might have the last laugh when it comes to success on both fields. The Irish linebacker has just two plate appearances. Of course, that’s amid reportedly not missing a single Notre Dame Football practice.

Of course, Bowen might be having a harder time breaking through considering that the Fighting Irish offense isn’t why the baseball team is struggling of late. If he was a pitcher, he might get quite a few more chances.

At the moment, that Drayk Bowen is playing two sports at all, while looking like a starter for Notre Dame Football is something anyone should be impressed by.