Deuce Knight's dream could stand in the way of Notre Dame football commitment

As the top Notre Dame football quarterback commit is reported to have wavered on his pledge, an answer to why has presented itself.
2025 quarterback recruit Deuce Knight visited during Notre Dame football fall camp
2025 quarterback recruit Deuce Knight visited during Notre Dame football fall camp / Greg Swiercz / USA TODAY NETWORK

Is the Notre Dame football program losing its grip on top quarterback commit Deuce Knight? At least one recruiting analyst believes the Irish have. Inside The Rebels recruiting analyst David Johnson just entered a 247Sports Crystal Ball for Knight to flip to Ole Miss.

If Knight does flip, it wouldn’t be near as much of a surprise as some Irish fans might make it out to be. Ole Miss has been coming after Knight for quite a while now. He even took a trip to Ole Miss earlier this spring while saying he was still solid to the Golden Domers.

On the other hand, should Deuce Knight decommit and leave Notre Dame football in the dust, there will be big questions as to why. After all, he’s seemed quite strong since he first gave Marcus Freeman and company his pledge. One recent interview could be a big clue as to why he’d change his mind.

Notre Dame football could be standing in the way of Deuce Knight’s biggest dream

In a recent interview with On3, it’s possible that Knight painted the picture of why he might look towards an SEC power over a Fighting Irish program that he’s been committed to for so long.

In the interview, Knight talked about eventually wanting to buy his parents a new house. And while he was careful to say that he doesn’t think that’s doable until he reached the NFL, he also talked quite a bit about how much money he thinks he can make using NIL.

"I feel like I have a kind of marketable name – Deuce Knight, that’s just a cool name."

While Marcus Freeman has improved ND’s NIL efforts and greatly improved its recruiting, it’s a safe bet that an SEC rising power is going to have more money at its disposal. 

For someone who is anxious to do something really nice for his parents, that could be quite attractive. Add in the fact that Ole Miss is much closer to his parents and his home town than South Bend, and the reasons start to pile up.

So is Deuce Knight gone? Should the Irish be looking for a new quarterback in the 2025 class? For what it’s worth, recruiting analyst Tom Loy still has Knight solid to Notre Dame football. It’s likely fans should just be sweating a bit more than they were a week ago.