Notre Dame Football: Deuce Knight's weekend raises eyebrows

Discover why Deuce Knight's unexpected visit to Ole Miss could cause worries for Notre Dame Football fans.
Notre Dame football commit Deuce Knight (2) throws against IMG
Notre Dame football commit Deuce Knight (2) throws against IMG / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA

The Notre Dame football team has perhaps been a bit too overconfident in its strangle hold on top QB commit, Deuce Knight. The program thought that there may not be a more dedicated commitment to any team this recruiting cycle. One of the reasons for that confidence is that Deuce Knight made it clear he didn’t have an interest in taking official visits to other schools. However, it appears things changed a bit this week.

According to multiple sources, Deuce Knight spent the weekend on the Ole Miss campus. He also took part in the “All22" camp, part of The Opening series, on Sunday at Oxford High School. 

The question that Notre Dame Football fans need to ask themselves is why Knight, who has been a devoted commitment for months would be checking out the Rebels. The easy answer, the one that Irish fans want to believe most is that it’s just a matter of The Opening being near his home town.

Notre Dame football might need to be worried about Deuce Knight’s weekend activities

It is easy to think 4-star quarterback might ultimately be interested in staying home to play his college football. Knight moved to Tennessee very briefly play at a different leve but ultimate returned to George County. 

During this time, he’s been a Notre Dame Football commit who has been so dedicated to the program that he’s worked hard to get other commits to come to South Bend.  On the other hand, his hometown of Lucedale, Mississippi is right there. South Bend is more than 800 miles away. 

There’s also the fact that Ole Miss is still recruiting him every single day. Even if he was only visiting the Rebels just ahead of the Elite 11 camp. It might have simply been a coincidence. Or Notre Dame football better keep working as hard as possible on keeping him around and committed to Marcus Freeman and company.