Former Clemson receiver ready to shine for Notre Dame football

Former Clemson WR Beaux Collins officially transfers to Notre Dame, eager to make an impact on the field.

Notre Dame football finally has its last transfer wide receiver in the fold. Of course, being a part of the team is just a formality for Beaux Collins. He might just be finally joining the Fighting Irish, but he’s been around the Fighting Irish for months now.

That’s going to make it much easier for him to blend into the Notre Dame offense. He’ll be able to slide into a wide receiver spot even though he didn’t get to practice with the squad during the spring session.

Collins spoke to members of the Notre Dame football media on Thursday and anyone who paid attention to what he had to say should make people quite excited to see what he can do when he sets foot on the field on Saturdays this fall.

Notre Dame football: Beaux Collins impresses in press conference

The 6-foot-3, 210-pound former Clemson wide receiver called his his decision to transfer to Notre Dame in December an easy one. The Irish were after all, the only school he actually visited after he entered the portal.

The issue was that he still wasn’t finished with his undergraduate work at Clemson. So he worked out a plan to live in South Bend while finishing his final three courses at Clemson online. Collins couldn’t practice with his new team, but he could still be a part of the squad.

“The biggest thing that I feel like I missed was just being physically out there,” Collins told the media on Thursday. “I was able to watch a few practices and get into the playbook and things like that, but there’s nothing like actually taking the reps, being out there and having cohesion with the guys. That was the biggest thing. The classes weren’t too bad. I was still able to chill, eat, sleep, recover. It wasn’t a like a hard load.”

Now he’s all in. He’s in town. He’s ready to workout. And the Notre Dame football team can fold him into the plans for 2024.