Former Notre Dame commit’s new home could be good news for the Irish

Shaun Terry, former Notre Dame commit, selects Missouri as his new team, hinting at positive signs for Irish QB Deuce Knight's commitment.
Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA

The Notre Dame football team has had some noticeable hits and misses in this recruiting cycle. Among the most memorable misses is 3-star wide receiver Shaun Terry. Terry committed to the Irish this winter and re-opened his recruitment earlier this month.

Terry has since decided that he has found his team. To some degree, where he committed might be welcome news to Fighting Irish fans. There was once a time when it was thought he might be headed to Ole Miss, but instead he’s picked another SEC program.

Former Notre Dame football commit’s new home could be good news for the Irish

Terry announced earlier this week he picked the Missouri Tigers as his next home. The announcement comes after he had an official visit with the Tigers the first week of June and chose them over Kentucky and Michigan, the latter of which he visited this past weekend.

He’s a massive get for Missouri, who is having a great run of late. Last season, Ohio's 26th-rated overall player amassed 27 receptions for 525 yards and nine touchdowns. He also added 28 carries for 391 yards and five touchdowns.

Those numbers and the raw talent Terry has is why ND was hoping to keep him in the fold. But it was the timing of the decommit that had some people extra nervous. He left Notre Dame in the rearview mirror right about the same time that QB commit Deuce Knight seemed to be having second thoughts.

Terry’s decommitment seemed like it might have been because he either heard something or was reading the tea leaves. Now that he’s since committed to the Tigers, it’s possible he’s been convinced Knight won’t be joining him wherever he goes.

And if that’s how Shaun Terry is reading the tea leaves now, it would be very good news for Notre Dame football backers.