Premier cornerback prospect may follow 'golden road' Notre Dame football

Notre Dame football has laid a 'golden road' to Bergen Catholic and the Irish hope that Jordan Thomas follows that path to commitment.
Notre Dame football target Jordan Thomas of Bergen Catholic grabs a fumbled football
Notre Dame football target Jordan Thomas of Bergen Catholic grabs a fumbled football / Julian Leshay/Special to

It's been a very busy couple of months for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on the recruiting front. Since they sent out dozens of offers to a myriad of 2026 prospects on Pot of Gold Day, they've been working hard to get as many of the guys they sent out offers to come to South Bend as possible. And now it looks like they've take steps towards locking down yet another talented prospect on an unofficial visit.

Jordan Thomas is one of the highest-ranked defensive back prospects in the 2026 class. He is one of those who got himself an offer on Pot of Gold Day but hasn't been as quick as some others to come and see what Notre Dame football has to offer in person. At least not recently.

One of the reasons Thomas hasn't rushed to town yet is because he has seen South Bend somewhat recently. The 4-star Oradell, New Jersey athlete actually came and saw the Notre Dame campus when he was still in middle school. However, he has expressed his keenness to revisit the campus in the very near future, sparking anticipation among Notre Dame fans and sports enthusiasts.

Thomas also might have tipped his hand a bit about the Notre Dame football team being one of the programs that stands out from all the schools that have offered him a scholarship

Top CB prospect may follow 'golden road' to Notre Dame football

“Going down there for the first time, it was a great experience," He told ISD. "I have past teammates like Steve Angeli and Jay, Jayden Bellamy, who recently went there before Jayden Bellamy moved to Syracuse. There's like a golden road basically from Bergen Catholic to Notre Dame. So it's always special place."

The top-ranked player in New Jersey and 12th-ranked corner in the 2026 class has offers from Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and a ton of other programs to consider.

It also shouldn't be taken as a bad sign that Jordan Thomas hasn't set up a visit date just yet. It's clear he's taking his time and being careful, but he does think he'll head to Notre Dame sometime this summer. So far, he hasn't set dates for any visits, but it seems likely those will start rolling out soon.