Lou Holtz is once again the talk of the town after Ohio State loss

Ryan Day's squad lost a slugfest Cotton Bowl and social media had a field day bringing up the coach's feud with Lou Holtz once again.
Lou Holtz likely talking smack about Ryan Day
Lou Holtz likely talking smack about Ryan Day / Republican National Convention v

Lou Holtz vs Ryan Day continues to be one of the weirdest feuds in the history of college football. It's not as though the former Notre Dame football coach and the current Ohio State head man have ever faced off against each other.

In fact, Lou Holtz retired years and years before Ryan Day took over as the head coach of the Buckeyes. And yet, on Friday night, the weirdest feud in the sport was reignited. It seems extremely likely that Notre Dame football fans, drunk off the success of a 40-8 win in the Sun Bowl, had a little fun on social media.

Just moments after Day's squad were handed a 14-3 loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, Lou Holtz started trending on Twitter again. This time he did it without taking a shot at Ohio State like he did earlier in the year.

The famed former Notre Dame coach in fact started trending without Day mentioning him this time around. Though it's clear that the Ohio State coach mentioning Holtz when he beat the Fighting Irish earlier this year is why Ho

Lou Holtz trends again after Ohio State's latest loss

One Twitter user made it clear that he saw that the trending topic was about to rise up and start rolling around social media again.

Other users thought that Holtz is likely quite happy about the Buckeyes' loss.

Other Twitter users were less about channeling Lou Holtz's reaction than simply making it clear that the former Notre Dame football coach was right about Ryan Day and the toughness of his team.

There's a bigger issue than whether or not Holtz was right about Day. There's the complaints from OSU fans about a 14-3 loss despite the fact that Day lost his starting quarterback to the transfer portal and his best playing sitting out the bowl game.

Lou Holtz is likely happiest of all because he's not sitting around watching anyone call for his job.