Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: ACC suffers a blow in court, more

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish rival Clemson won a battle in its lawsuit against the ACC earlier this week. A South Carolina court has ordered the Atlantic Coast Conference to turn over documents about its agreements with ESPN that Clemson has requested in its lawsuit against the conference.

Due to the order, the ACC has a week to produce unredacted documents about its TV deal with ESPN.

Unfortunately, any Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans who were hoping to see those documents are going to be disappointed. The order specifically makes sure that the documents cannot be released to the public.

This ruling is the latest move in Clemson's claims that the ACC's $140 million exit fee is "unconscionably high" and "unenforceable." The Tigers also say the grant of rights only applies if Clemson is part of the conference and that if a school exits the league it retains control of the media rights to its home sporting events.

That last part would be massive for both Clemson and Florida State who is also suing the conference in a different case on similar grounds.

Both lawsuits are a long way from reaching their conclusion, but this can be seen as a blow against the ACC as it tries to keep its two biggest name schools from leaving.

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