Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Riley Leonard among best QB corps, more

Notre Dame quarterback Riley Leonard (13) who is hurt, dresses and throws some pre-game passes with
Notre Dame quarterback Riley Leonard (13) who is hurt, dresses and throws some pre-game passes with / MANDATORY CREDIT GREG SWIERCZ / USA

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish hope that once the fall rolls around, Duke transfer Riley Leonard will lead the Golden Domers to victory. However, one of the most interesting things about Notre Dame's current situation is its depth at quarterback.

Steve Angeli, Kenny Minchey and CJ Carr are all guys who seem like they could start at quite a few other programs if they weren't behind Leonard. The fact that they're all staying in South Bend is more than a little surprising.

However, as the spring transfer portal window closes, they're all still on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish squad, against all odds.

It turns out the the Notre Dame quarterback room is highly regard across the country. On3 recently released its rankings of the position per team and Marcus Freeman's squad hit the number 6 spot in those rankings.

Why does that matter? At the very least, if Riley Leonard isn't healthy this fall, if he can't go from the season opener to the season finale, whenever that may be, there is talent there that can step in. If Notre Dame loses its starting quarterback it won't be the end of the world.

Notre that the Irish want to test that theory.

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It turns out that one of the better Notre Dame Fighting Irish defenders to play in South Bend in the last couple of decades was never meant to come to South Bend in the first place. In the video above, Justin Tuck explains how he got recruited "by accident" and then eventually decided he wanted to be on the Golden Domers after all.

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