Notre Dame Fighting Irish need to brace for new ACC implosion

New rumblings hint at the impending shakeup within the ACC after months of waiting for the final domino to fall.
Ken Ruinard / staff / USA TODAY NETWORK

Should Notre Dame Fighting Irish faithful prepare for an ACC implosion. It seems the time is nearly here. 

The last few months have been one rumor after another that the conference is about to see a seismic shift. After all, Florida State and Clemson have been fighting to get out for a while now. But is that fight finally coming to an end?

Well known football analyst seemed to deliver a warning to Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans, as well as college sports fans in general on Monday. And he did it without saying what exactly ACC faithful should expect.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish feeling the rumbles of an ACC breakup

Josh Pate took to Twitter with a very cryptic tweet that seems to hint something big is on the horizon. The analyst posted a gif of a glass of water vibrating similarly to the iconic scene from Jurassic Park when the T-Rex was on the way to our intrepid heroes.

The only word he accompanied the glass with was “ACC.” However he did come close to explaining what he meant when one of his followers responded with a gif saying “expand.”

Pate made it clear he was talking about the ACC going bye bye, at least as we know it when he responded, “the league is about to do the opposite of that.”

It is of course, not exactly a shock that a seismic shift is coming to the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Seminoles and Tigers have been wanting out since the conference tried to stay alive with the additions of also-ran schools like SMU and Stanford.

There’s been quite a bit of talk about either or both schools going to the SEC or Big Ten. Both programs are involved in lawsuits against the ACC in order to leave with their television rights in tact. Are they about to succeed?

Pate’s tweet certainly seems to hint that Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans ought to be on high alert.