Notre Dame Fighting Irish has sold center target on life after the game

Notre Dame basketball aims for revival with coach Micah Shrewsberry pursuing top recruits like Christian Gurdak amid competitive interest.
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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball team is trying to rebuild itself after a disappointing 2023-24 campaign. Head coach Micah Shrewsberry has been going after some of the best players in the country. He’s making offers and making noise among the other power conference teams.

All of that work will almost certainly take a while to show up. It will take a minute for the effort to produce real results. Or maybe it won’t. There’s some indications that the Notre Dame basketball team could be making some real headway on one particular prospect.

2025 center target Christian Gurdak is quite impressed by what the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to offer. In fact, he’s told On3 that there is at least a chance that he could be committing soon. His positive feedback about Notre Dame's basketball program and the school's post-graduation opportunities is a reassuring sign for the team.

"What the brand means after you graduate, I mean, it’s a big deal to be from Notre Dame," Gurdak recently said.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball has sold center target on life after the game

The No. 155 player and No. 17 center in the On3 Industry Ranking is sought after. And things could heat up quickly. In addition to Notre Dame, Gurdak has offers from Maryland, Penn State, and Iowa. There’s a decent chance he’ll end up in the Big Ten.

However, if he wants to play in the same home area as those other schools while taking on the ACC, the Irish could be attractive. Coming from the Washington, DC area, the Gonzaga Fairfax high prospect might like the idea of playing more games around the Atlantic Coast region.

Add in the fact that he gets to face off against ACC opponents and the idea that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish can offer something when he’s done could be enough to get a commit, sooner rather than later.