Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Mike Denbrock hunting mismatches, more

Mike Denbrock is looking for ways to get the Notre Dame Fighting Irish offense going, while Hannah Hidalgo isn't going anywhere; and more.
Notre Dame Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock talks to players at Notre Dame spring football
Notre Dame Offensive Coordinator Mike Denbrock talks to players at Notre Dame spring football / GREG SWIERCZ / USA TODAY NETWORK

It would be an understatement to say that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish faithful are excited to see Mike Denbrock back in South Bend. After a season where Marcus Freeman's squad seemed to underachieve far too often in big games on offense, everyone supporting the program is excited to see what the coach who tutored the most recent Heisman winner can do.

One thing that Mike Denbrock is most known for is "hunting for playmakers" who can help raise the offensive performance.

On3's Jack Soble recently took a deep dive about Denbrock and how he thinks. How he looks at opposing defenses and how he plans to attack the teams the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are taking on this season.

The article is definitely worth the read. If you don't come out of it more excited for the 2024 campaign, then I'm not sure what will get you excited.

More Notre Dame Fighting Irish news

On Thursday night, Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Hannah Hidalgo took to her Instagram account to make it abundantly clear that she isn't transferring. There have been some rumors that she and Olivia Miles can't coexist in the same backcourt. Head coach Noele Ivy tried to dispel those rumors and now Hidalgo has done so herself.

Four current and former women's basketball players made the All-ACC Academic Team this week. Sonia Citron and Anne DeWolfe are still in South Bend and Nat Marshall and Anna Brunelle, who have both transferred away, also got the honor.

Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish hockey star Landon Slaggert got his first NHL goal this week. Slaggert was signed and promoted by the Chicago Blackhawks just a few days after the Irish hockey season ended in the Big Ten tournament.

As is the custom, Marcus Freeman won't be heading a squad for the Blue-Gold game next weekend. Instead, running backs coach Deland McCullough and Al Washington will be calling plays for their respective units. This is the third time the two Notre Dame Fighting Irish coaches will face off and they're currently tied 1-1.