Notre Dame Football Blue-Gold Game has some interesting twists in store

How things are going to work out for Notre Dame Football no Saturday is going to be interesting to watch with some notable twists on the table.
Notre Dame quarterback Steve Angeli (18) at Notre Dame spring football practice Thursday, March 7,
Notre Dame quarterback Steve Angeli (18) at Notre Dame spring football practice Thursday, March 7, / GREG SWIERCZ / USA TODAY NETWORK

With just a couple days to go until the Notre Dame Football Blue-Gold game, the Fighting Irish held their draft to select who would be on each team on Thursday morning. The rules for this particular draft are quite interesting and there were some things that stood out a bit as it got going and then when it was really rolling.

There were even some rumors about why some players are sitting out. Such is the way things go when you’re smack dab in the middle of the transfer portal window. However, after some rumblings on the internet that those who are sitting out might be a hint at who is going to transfer, it appears the more likely explanation is simply that Irish coaches are keeping anyone who is banged up out of the Blue-Gold Game.

Quarterback rules are very interesting for Notre Dame Football Blue-Gold Game

Right at the top of the list among most interesting rules for the spring game, is that Steve Angeli is the only quarterback who will wear a red “no contact” jersey. That he’s wearing that jersey isn’t a shock considering he’s the top contender for backup and even a possible starter over Riley Leonard (who won’t play because of his ankle)

That Angeli is the only quarterback playing who can’t be tackled certainly stands out, though. With three quarterbacks playing, Angeli will helm the Blue Team, and Kenny Minchey will be the starter for the Gold Team. CJ Carr will play for both squads. 

Notre Dame Football has plenty of players sitting out

When it came to the players who aren’t playing, the most noticeable exclusion was supposed RB1 Jadarian Price. When this was first announced, there were plenty of Notre Dame Football fans who thought it might mean that Price is looking to transfer. For now, it appears he’s simply banged up.

The full list of players sitting out is this:

  • Charles Du
  • Kevin Bauman
  • Mitchell Evans
  • Aiden Gobaira
  • Jayden Harrison
  • Riley Leonard
  • Benjamin Morrison
  • Armel Mukam
  • Styles Prescott
  • Jadarian Price
  • Leo Scheidler
  • Jayden Thomas
  • Loghan Thomas
  • Cam Williams
  • Kedren Young

Williams and Young sitting out are also interesting. It’s clear that there are more dudes who are a bit banged up than we previously knew. Or, the Notre Dame Football coaches are being plenty cautious with some of their top players.

The full Notre Dame Football Blue-Gold Game rosters

Despite a long list of players that won’t be appearing in the game, there’s still plenty of reason to see how these two teams play against each other. 

The game will feature traditional 15-minute quarters, though there won’t be punting and only one kickoff at the start. Gold kicks off to the Blue team. The Gold gets the ball first in the second half.

The full rosters are here with their draft order listed next to them:


1 Steve Angeli, Blue

2 Kenny Minchey, Gold

Assigned CJ Carr, Both

Running Backs

1 Jeremiyah Love, Blue

2 Gi’Bran Payne, Gold

3 Aneyas Williams, Blue

4 Justin Fisher, Gold

5 Dylan Devezin, Blue

Wide Receivers

1 Jaden Greathouse, Blue

2 KK Smith, Gold

3 Deion Colzie, Blue

4 Micah Gilbert, Gold

5 Alex Whitman, Blue

Tight Ends

1 Eli Raridon, Blue

2 Cooper Flanagan, Gold

3 Jack Larsen, Blue

4 Henry Garrity, Gold

Offensive Tackles

1 Aamil Wagner, Blue

2 Charles Jagusah, Gold

3 Sullivan Absher, Blue

4. Anthonie Knapp, Gold

5 Ty Chan, Blue


1 Ashton Craig, Gold

2 Sam Pendleton, Blue

3 Joe Otting, Gold

Offensive Guards

1 Billy Schrauth, Blue

2 Rocco Spindler, Gold

3 Pat Coogan, Blue

4 Chris Terek, Gold

5 Peter Jones, Blue

Defensive Tackles

1 Jason Onye, Gold

2 Donovan Hinish, Blue

3 Cole Mullins, Gold

4 Sean Sevillano Jr., Blue

5 Devan Houstan, Gold

6 Brenan Vernon, Blue

Defensive Ends

1 Josh Burnham, Gold

2 Bryce Young, Blue


1 Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa, Gold

2 Drayk Bowen, Blue

3 Jylen Sneed, Gold

4 Jaiden Ausberry, Blue

5 Kahanu Kia, Gold

6 Preston Zinter, Blue

7 Tre Reader, Gold

8 Jerry Rullo, Blue


1 Boubacar Traore, Blue

2 Junior Tuihalamaka, Gold

3 Kobi Onyiuke, Blue

4 Eric Lindstrom, Gold


1 Adon Shuler, Gold

2 Luke Talich, Blue

3. Kennedy Urlacher, Gold

4. Ben Minich, Blue


1 Christian Gray, Gold

2 Jaden Mickey, Blue

3 Chance Tucker, Gold

4 Micah Bell, Blue

5 Isaiah Dunn, Gold

6 Mickey Brown, Blue

Notre Dame Football’s Blue-Gold game is streaming exclusively on Peacock at noon on Saturday, April 20.