Notre Dame football find themelves as finalists for 4-star DB

Now that the Fighting Irish have moved onto the 2025 class, they've already among the top contenders for 4-star corner Chuck McDonald.
Notre Dame football fans celebrate a score
Notre Dame football fans celebrate a score / David Madison/GettyImages

Now that the 2024 Notre Dame football recruiting class is officially signed, sealed and delivered, it's time for Marcus Freeman and company to focus on the 2025 class. Recruiting never sleeps and there really isn't a time to stop and smell the roses.

The good news is that the Irish already has quite a few top of the line fish in the boat. Marcus Freeman is currently boasting the top-ranked class for the 2025 cycle. And now Notre Dame has made the cut for one of the best corner backs in the group.

4-star defensive back Chuck McDonald announced the teams he's still considering as far as committing. He narrowed the list down to the Top 10 and Notre Dame football is a contender, even if it looks like they're a bit of a longshot to land him.

Along with Notre Dame, McDonald listed Alabama, Oregon, USC, Stanford, UCLA, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas A&M and Tennessee. Quite a few of those recruiting rivals are familiar and well known. For now, there is an obvious front runner, but the Irish have fended off that kind of situation before.

Notre Dame football needs to make up ground for Chuck McDonald

At the moment, the Golden Domers are considered to be trailing USC by a decent margin. According to On3, the Trojans currently have a 74.4 percent of landing McDonald. It makes sense, considering the 6-foot-1, 180 pound corner hails from Mater Dei in Santa Ana, California.

A handful of West Coast schools are also in the running big time, and Notre Dame football appears to, at the moment, be running at the back of the pack. That doesn't mean they're ot of the running entirely however.

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It's worth pointing out that Notre Dame football's latest 2025 commit, Will Black was a heavy Michigan lean for a long time. Marcus Freeman is looking to make the same kind of impact in turning Chuck McDonald around.