Notre Dame Football will have coach, no players attend 2024 NFL Draft

Joe Alt is expected to be one of the first players taken in the draft, but the former Notre Dame Football star won't be there in person.
Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock smiles while heading into a practice Thursday, March
Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock smiles while heading into a practice Thursday, March / MANDATORY CREDIT: Austin Hough / South

When the 2024 NFL Draft kicks off in a couple of weeks, there won’t be a single Notre Dame Football player in attendance. That may not be all that surprising on its face, but it might come as a bit of a shock considering the league generally likes to have the players they expect to go early, sitting in the room so they can put on the hat.

Joe Alt is definitely one of the players that is going early in the 2024 NFL Draft. The former Notre Dame Football offensive tackle is going to go in the Top 10. There is a very real chance that he could even go in the Top 5. So why isn’t he going to be sitting in the room?

There is of course a chance that Joe Alt was asked to be there and chose not to do it. He’s not someone who needs to camera on him at all times. He’s someone who has shown during his Fighting Irish career that he’s much happier just mowing people down and not getting the spotlight.

There’s also the chance that he doesn’t want to be sitting there if something happens and he drops in the draft. There always seems to be one guy who does that. There’s one guy who sits there waiting to get picked for far too long. It’s a lot easier to point that kind of situation out when you’re sitting in the room.

Notre Dame Football coach will be in attendance at 2024 NFL Draft

While Alt won’t be one of the 13 players who are invited to the 2024 NFL Draft, there will be one Fighting Irish representative in attendance. 

New offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock plans on being in attendance. While there won’t be any Notre Dame Football players there, Denbrock will be hanging out with three former LSU players in Heisman trophy winner Jayden Daniels and wide receivers Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr.

All three are expected to be first-round picks.