Notre Dame football: Analyst casts doubt on Joe Alt's Top 5 profile

Former Notre Dame football offensive lineman Joe Alt is inside the Top 5 of some NFL Mock Drafts and Rich Eisen believes that's a bit of a reach.
Notre Dame offensive lineman Joe Alt (OL02) talks to the media during the NFL Combine
Notre Dame offensive lineman Joe Alt (OL02) talks to the media during the NFL Combine / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There is very little doubt that when the NFL Draft finally arrives, Joe Alt will be the first former Notre Dame football player off the board. However, there appears to be some disagreement on how fast he’s getting taken.

Early Mock Drafts saw Alt heading to the Arizona Cardinals or the New York Jets to help those teams fix some offensive line problems. However, one of the most recent listings have the offensive tackle selected 5th by the San Diego Chargers.

Count Rich Eisen among those who don’t believe that’s a good read. 

On a recent episode of his radio show this week, Eisen went in-depth on why he believes that while the ex-Notre Dame football star is a fine offensive line prospect, he does not fit what the Chargers need.

“If I may put my analyst, draft analyst hat on for just a quick second and roster building hat on for just a quick second,” Eisen began. “Joe Alt's not a left tackle. I mean not a right tackle. He's a left tackle. And they [San Diego Chargers] got Rashawn Slater there. So they're not gonna go Joe Alt”

Ex-Notre Dame football star may not go as high as people think

Eisen explained that while Alt looked good in drills at his natural position, he simply didn’t shine when trying to work from the other side of the line.

“The one thing that everyone was talking about at the combine during the workout is that when Alt had to sort of act like a right tackle with the drills on the field he didn't look nearly the same as he did as a left tackle which makes complete sense.”

On the one hand, some Notre Dame football fans are bound to take this critique personally. On the other hand, what Eisen is saying isn’t totally out of left field. 

When discussing the number five pick in the draft, a team isn’t generally looking for someone uncomfortable at the position he’s being picked for. 

It’s not as though Eisen is saying Joe Alt won’t be an early first-round pick. He just won’t be a San Diego Charger. If the analyst is right, it could just mean the former Notre Dame football star will fall all of two spots in the draft.