Ex-Notre Dame football star sheds light on Super Bowl journey

Former Notre Dame football star Drue Tranquill shared on social media, the very start of his journey to his first Super Bowl.
Jan 21, 2024; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill (23) against
Jan 21, 2024; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill (23) against / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On the road to the first Super Bowl of his young NFL career, former Notre Dame football star Drue Tranquill has shared bits and pieces of his journey. Sometimes it’s been a happy memory, other times it’s been about the fans he almost started a fight with.

On Monday, Tranquill took to social media to share how his road to this year’s Super Bowl really started. It ended up being a peak behind the curtain in how and why the former Irish linebacker decided to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He did so this offseason after spending his first four years with the AFC West rival San Diego Chargers. In sharing the post on social media, he not only gave Chiefs and Notre Dame football fans a look inside his decision making, but also a peak inside how recruiting and free agent courting goes down on the next level.

Tranquill’s post was a snippet of a text conversation he had this offseason with Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid. The texts appeared to be after he’d met with Reid while considering what team to sign with as a free agent.

The post showed Reid telling Tranquill:

“If you need to talk my phone is on ring. Till then, see Red and think Super Bowls.” He ended his text with a winky face emoji.

Tranquill then responded that he’d call if anything popped up while he thought about where to sign.

Notre Dame football star treated to glimpse of the future

Obviously, the comment from Reid where he said “think about Super Bowls” was a nice flex. It also ended up being a peak into the future of Tranquill’s career. 

Tranquill isn’t just going to think about a Super Bowl. He’ll play in one in two weeks. It’s a nice end point for his first season in Kansas City after a successful career with the Notre Dame football program.