Notre Dame football give best chance to go undefeated by ESPN FPI

Expectations are high for the Notre Dame football team heading into the 2024 season, including a playoff appearance.

Notre Dame football knows what it needs to do to have a successful 2024 season. It’s playoffs or bust this year. Marcus Freeman has set his sights on that goal with a major influx of talent including Riley Leonard.

At least for now, it appears that the goal is coming to fruition. There’s enough talent on the Fighting Irish that most analysts believe they will be one of the best teams this season. ESPN FPI is the latest to make it clear the Golden Domers are going to be very, very good. In fact, those projections show a team that will absolutely be among the best.

ESPN in fact, believes that a playoff is basically assured for the Irish. That’s because ND is going to be hard pressed to suffer a loss in the regular season.

Notre Dame football slated for best chance for undefeated 2024

According to those ESPN ratings, the Fighting Irish enter the summer as the team with the best chance to go undefeated. The 15.8 percent chance doesn’t put the Irish out in front by much, but it still says that ESPN believes that Marcus Freeman can navigate his squad through a relatively easy schedule. 

The two teams with the best chances to go undefeated after the Golden Domers is Oregon at 15.7 percent and Georgia at 10.8 percent. 

The odds aren’t only in the Irishs favor when it comes to going undefeated. ND has a 59.1 percent chance of making it to the College Football playoffs. The Irish have a 10 percent chance of making the national championship game (7th best odds) and a 4.8 percent chance of winning the title (7th best odds).

All of that is good news for people excited about the Notre Dame football program. Of course, it also means the expectations are high and that falling short is going to have some repercussions.