Notre Dame football make strong push for elite line prospect

Notre Dame football recruiting is ramping up as spring practice starts. One monster offensive lineman has been impressed with that push.
Nixa's Jackson Cantwell seen here against Webb City
Nixa's Jackson Cantwell seen here against Webb City / Bruce E Stidham Special to the

For Notre Dame football recruiting, the Pot of Gold Day on March 17 was a way to jumpstart its approach towards the 2026 class. That mini-refresh allowed the Fighting Irish to issue dozens of offers. It also allowed them to secure a couple of commits.

When it comes to massive offensive line prospect Jackson Cantwell and the Notre Dame football team, the Pot of Gold Day was a way for the two sides to get to know each other again. Cantwell recently talked to Irish Breakdown about what the Pot of Gold day offer meant to him.

They are a good offensive line school that had a lot of success in the past,” Cantwell said. "They are looking to build off that and be successful in the future.”

He also talked about the relationships he’s built with a few of the Irish coaches. 

“Everything with Notre Dame is pretty good,” he continued. “I’ve gotten to talk to Coach (Joe) Rudolph, Coach (Marcus) Freeman, and Dre Brown a lot the past month. We’ve talked about schemes, the university, and my high school stuff a lot.”

Notre Dame football making another push for Jackson Cantwell

As of now, it’s hard to get much of a read at all on where Cantwell will go. He’s not someone who is scheduling a ton of visits. His quotes don’t really give a good indicator on who is making inroads and who isn’t.

On3 experts are torn at the moment on the school that has the edge. While his homestate school of Missouri currently lead the race, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Georgia are all bunched tightly as contenders.

That of course means that if those ratings are accurate, Notre Dame football has some work to do with the 5-star prospect who is currently the top offensive tackle target in the country. 

The Pot of Gold Day offer appears to be the start of a long road for a player who can’t even sign his NLI for another 20 months.