Notre Dame Football hit by surprise WR injury, setback raises concerns

Notre Dame Football faces setback as WR Jayden Harrison's injury raises concerns about spring practice lineup.
New Notre Dame football wide receiver Jayden Harrison
New Notre Dame football wide receiver Jayden Harrison / Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

One of the tried and true traditions for Notre Dame Football spring practice is that everything starts with a ton of optimism, and then as injuries start to pile up, fans get a bit nervous about who is going to be healthy and ready to go for the fall. 

This year has been no different in that regard. There was concern over Riley Leonard who was supposed to be healed up and ready to go. And then there was the injury to Benjamin Morrison that ended his spring practice session weeks early.

The tradition of worrying about Notre Dame Football spring practice injuries continued on Tuesday. This time it was transfer wide receiver Jayden Harrison who raised eyebrows when he appeared on the practice field wearing a walking boot on his left foot.

As of now, there’s no word on just what happened or how long the receiver will be out. The good news here is that it’s not as though the walking boot has meant that a player will automatically miss a ton of time. 

Notre Dame Football quarterback Riley Leonard was spotted in a walking boot last week and it turns out it was a sign of positivity. Leonard backed that up on Tuesday when he said he believes he’s just a few weeks away from being fully back.

Notre Dame football suffers surprise WR injury

The good news here is that assuming it’s not a severe injury, Harrison should be able to be full go for summer workouts and of course, fall camp. It feels like it would be bigger news if this was something other than an ankle injury the Irish are being careful about.

The bad news is that it doesn’t feel as though Jayden Harrison is going to be much of a contributor for the rest of the spring. For a guy brand new to the Notre Dame Football program, that’s a big loss.