Notre Dame football 'lethal' if they can unlock one aspect - analyst

Riley Leonard is going to be a massive part of the Notre Dame football offense, but there's one spot where he needs to shine for real success.

Everyone who is paying even a little bit of attention to Notre Dame football knows that in order for the Fighting Irish to have success, Riley Leonard must have a good season. If he’s healthy, some think he’ll compete for a Heisman win.

Of course, to do that, there are certain things Riley Leonard must do, according to one analyst in particular. He’s got to do the thing that has made Mike Denbrock such a valuable asset as offensive coordinator.

JD Pickell took to his podcast recently to lay out what could make Notre Dame football really deadly. It’s more than just Riley Leonard being healthy. It’s about making the Fighting Irish passing offense deadly.

Notre Dame football could be ‘lethal’ in certain situations

“if Riley Leonard can unlock the deep passing game,” Pickell said. “Like Mike Denbrock can do with Riley Leonard, a version of what he did with Jaden Daniels at LSU, they're gonna be lethal.”

“They went out and got some real speed in the portal, Kris Mitchell and Jaden Harrison, guys that are from G5 schools but are going to absolutely burn at Notre Dame this upcoming season,” Pickell continued. “Jeremiah Love, I've been extremely bullish on for a while now. They got some dudes that can make real amounts of electric kind of plays offensively. You pair that with the defense, I like where Notre Dame sits.”

Riley Leonard continues to be the secret sauce for the Fighting Irish

Pickell hasn’t discovered something that Golden Domer fans didn’t already know. His comments boil down to the transfer quarterback once again being incredibly important to Marcus Freeman’s plans.

However, the analyst did detail ways in which Leonard can make a difference that others might not have been looking for yet. If Notre Dame football has a legit deep passing game, they can indeed be lethal to anyone and everyone who crosses their path.