Notre Dame football: primed for playoff run with top win projection

Get ready for a thrilling season! Notre Dame football's poised for a playoff push with a top win projection of 10.5, tying with elite programs.

Heading into the 2024 season, Notre Dame football fans are pretty excited about what the Fighting Irish might be able to accomplish this fall. There's been much talk about Marcus Freeman and company going to the playoffs

Of course, there was an expectation that Notre Dame would make the playoffs last year as well, when they got off to a 4-0 start and were blowing everyone out. Then, they lost to Ohio State and Louisville, and any chances of making the playoffs were over.

Things are going to be different this year. At least according to some of the top gambling sites. Brett McMurphy recently took to social media to post what Action Network believes are the over/unders for wins among some of the best teams in the country.

Notre Dame football tied for most potential wins in the country

When taking a look at the over/unders for the best teams in the country, there are no programs that with higher totals than Notre Dame. The Irish are sitting at 10.5 wins. Yes, that sounds like a team that is almost a shoo-in for the playoffs, especially now that 12 teams are getting in.

That doesn't mean Notre Dame is the only team getting the 10.5 number. Marcus Freeman and company are tied with Georgia, Ohio State, Oregon, and Texas. 

Those programs are just ahead of the next tier where schools are given total wins of 9.5 for the over/unders. That tier is large and  is populated by Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Kansas State, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Missouri, Ole Miss, Penn State, Tennessee, and Utah.

The team that stands out the most from all of these schools is Kansas State, who is apparently viewed as one of the favorites to win the Big 12 with only new conference rival Utah on par with them.

As for Notre Dame, it's refreshing to see the oddsmakers have confidence in where the Fighting Irish will finish in 2024. It's certainly a juxtaposition of the analyst who believed that they aren't even in the Top 35.