Notre Dame football subject to ridiculous Indiana basketball comparison

It appears that February is the month that everyone pretends Notre Dame football isn't nearly as good as it is.
 Indiana Hoosiers head coach Mike Woodson reacts
Indiana Hoosiers head coach Mike Woodson reacts / Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame football program and the Indiana basketball program both play their home games in the Hoosier state. That's really where any legitimate comparisons begin and end. However, because it's apparently trendy, yet another analyst felt the need to make ridiculous comments about the Fighting Irish when making a case for why Indiana isn't as good as it used to be.

During a conversation on the Field of 68 podcast, one of the analysts, Randolph Childress was talking about how Indiana has struggled to even make the postseason consistently the last few years. While speaking on the issue, he made the point that the Hoosiers are just as good as a program as they once were.

I'd take no issue with those comments on their face. Indiana is going to the NIT at best in 2024. While head coach Mike Woodson did get them to the big dance the last two seasons, the five years prior, IU sat home completely.

Where Childress loses me, and should lose all Notre Dame football fans, is when he claims that the Fighting Irish football and Indiana basketball programs are similar.

"Indiana reminds me of Notre Dame football," Childress began. "It's that we hold on to stuff for so long and as things change, is this the same Indiana team that we grew up thinking that Indiana has been?"

When Field of 68 cohost Jeff Goodman reponded that they are definitely not, but that the Hoosiers have NIL to help fix that problem, as well as an incredible fan base and home court advantage, Childress wasn't buying it.

"It doesn't mean anything if nobody wants to go."

Notre Dame football is nothing like Indiana basketball

These comments come on the heels of the "is Notre Dame irrelevant" discussion from last week. And people continue to prove that the Irish are indeed relevant. So let's look at the numbers.

The Irish might not have made a New Year's Six Bowl this year but they won 10 games. Something they've done 7 times in the last 9 years. The basketball equivalent of that would be about 23 or 24 wins. Indiana has done that once since 2013.

The Irish have also made the College Football Playoffs twice. Only six teams can claim that. IU hasn't made it to the Elite Eight since before legendary head coach Bob Knight retired. Not once.

And let's talk about the last quote from Childress.

""It doesn't mean anything if nobody wants to go.""

Randolph Childress

The Notre Dame football team had a top 10 recruiting class for the 2024 cycle. They are currently ranked number one for the 2025 recruiting class. People want to go to Notre Dame.

It's an utterly ridiculous comparison and Childress should feel bad for making it.