Notre Dame football rival exposed as Lincoln Riley's struggles mount

Notre Dame football's rival Lincoln Riley is under fire as his USC Trojans struggle. ESPN's Paul Finebaum says Riley has lost control of the program and may be headed for a losing season.
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While there’s a lot of excitement over the Notre Dame football season, it can be a bit fun to take a moment and laugh at the Irish’s most bitter rivals. It’s especially fun when there’s talk that a coach that has long looked like a fraud, is finally getting exposure as a fraud on a national level.

Lincoln Riley is said fraud. The Irish showed that he’s a pretty massive fraud just last year. Now it looks like some talking heads are starting to understand. I saw the win over the Trojans as the beginning of the end of Caleb Williams’ college career. What if it was the beginning of the end of Lincoln Riley’s too?

Notre Dame football rival exposed for the fraud he is

Once regarded as the biggest up-and-coming name among the college football head coaching ranks, Lincoln Riley is just 19-8 in two years at USC and now, with the school embarking on a historic move to the Big Ten amid this year's conference realignment, the pressure is mounting. It doesn’t help that outside the conference he still has to play Notre Dame football every year.

Speaking on his show recently, ESPN personality Paul Finebaum argued that it's not out of the question that Riley’s Trojans could finish the 2024 season with a losing record. Finebauma also said the USC coach has lost control of the program.

"Bruce Feldman said a minute ago that he thought they are looking at about seven wins, which is pretty dangerous when you are the USC coach and you have two back-to-back bad seasons," Finebaum said.

"I mean, I think it's over for Lincoln Riley, anyway. To me, he's lost control. And once you lose control, you're like in the middle of quicksand.”

It’s especially fun to hear these kinds of comments while Notre Dame football is clearly going in the other direction. Expectations for Marcus Freeman’s squad are through the roof. Here’s hoping Marcus can throw the last shovel of dirt on Riley’s grave.