Notre Dame football could be spared the indignity of Pat McAfee in 2024

Notre Dame football fans might not have to watch Pat McAfee spew his usual nonsense on ESPN GameDay this fall if all goes right.
Julia Hansen/Iowa City Press-Citizen /

There are plenty of reasons for Notre Dame football fans to be excited about the 2024 season. While it’s low on the list, not having to watch Pat McAfee on ESPN GameDay on Saturday mornings could be another reason.

Certainly, watching Riley Leonard try and lead the Fighting Irish to the playoffs is at the top of the list. Marcus Freeman and company were given the best chance by ESPN’s FPI index to go undefeated in 2024.

But not having to see Pat McAfee make the season’s opening weekend all about himself as he turns ESPN’s GameDay in College Station into a clown show could be quite refreshing for those getting ready for the Notre Dame football game against Texas A&M. And then whatever week or weeks the Irish are on GameDay after that.

Notre Dame football fans could be spared the nonsense that is Pat McAfee

According to Saturdays Down South, reports began circulating on Tuesday morning that ESPN has not yet renewed McAfee’s contract with GameDay. That’s despite the fact that the radio and podcast host said he will return this season.

The network has a separate contract with the host to license his daily show, in which he spews his nonsense and tries to act like the Joe Rogan of the sports world. So there’s still some hope that he won’t be allowed to bring his act to the much-loved and much-watched college football pregame show on Saturday mornings.

It’s possible that Notre Dame fans are getting spared his idiocy thanks to the new look that the desk is going to have this fall thanks to the addition of former Alabama head coach Nick Saban. There might not be any room for Pat McAfee.

Maybe ESPN just realized they don’t need a clown when they can have a Hall of Famer instead. For now, Notre Dame football fans will just have to cross their fingers and hope ESPN continues to not renew that contract.