Notre Dame football suffers 4-star defensive line decommitment

CJ May is officially a free agent after he decided to back off his commitment to the Notre Dame football program.
Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl - Notre Dame v Oregon State
Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl - Notre Dame v Oregon State / Sam Wasson/GettyImages

The Notre Dame football team has been on one heck of a hot streak, especially recruiting-wise. Sooner or later that streak was bound to end, and end it did. On Sunday, defensive line commit CJ May backed off his pledge.

The loss is a big one, as CJ May is rated as a 4-star commit by most of the recruiting services. However, it’s not one that was particularly surprising. Most around South Bend saw the decommit coming for the last few weeks.

The loss of May is perhaps most disappointing because the Irish were showing movement in states they normally don’t do all that well in. The edge rusher hails from Highland Home, Alabama, and now it looks like he might be planning to stick closer to home.

May hasn’t been shy about his interest in visiting other schools, even after his commitment. That was the biggest reason why he didn’t look all that solid for the Notre Dame football program.

Former Notre Dame football commit looks headed to the SEC

Since last spring, May has taken three different trips to the Auburn Tigers. The most recent visit was just a few weeks ago. It certainly seems as if he could be about to pull the trigger on the new school.

There’s also the fact that the Notre Dame football team has been preparing for the decommitment for some time. The Irish have been recruiting defensive linemen at an impressive clip.

Marcus Freeman and company still have commitments from four-star defensive ends Christopher Burgess Jr. and Joseph Reiff and four-star linebacker Dominik Hulak, who has also been recruited as a vyper end.

Those commits were already going to push May in the class. There are also several other players the Notre Dame football team is going after. In short, it appears Freeman and company had a backup plan going all along.