Ex-Notre Dame football coach moving up to the NFL ranks

Former Fighting Irish and Alabama OC appears to be headed to the NFL to work for the Cleveland Browns' offensive staff.
Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees during Notre Dame Spring Practice
Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees during Notre Dame Spring Practice / John Mersits / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Notre Dame football offensive coordinator Tommy Rees might be moving his way up the coaching ranks once again. This time, the young coach could be headed to the NFL if a deal can be worked out with the Cleveland Browns.

According to Zac Jackson of The Athletic, Rees and the Browns are in talks for the former Notre Dame quarterback to join the staff. Things aren't offiical yet and there are some details to be worked out, but Rees would reportedly at least be the tight ends coach in Cleveland.

Jackson added that part of the reason things haven't been finalized yet is because it's possible Rees, could have some sort of a passing coordinator position added to his title. It's said he'll have a role in the overall development of the pass game.

Just what that means isn't a done deal. Though considering that Rees is currently without a job it would seem like a bit of a dream scenario. The former Notre Dame and Alabama offensive coordinator has been shooting up the ranks and is certainly respected among his peers in the business.

Rees is in fact respected so much that there was some talk that when Nick Saban announced his retirement earlier this month, Tommy Rees was considered one of three top candidates to succeed Saban.

In the end, another of those top candidates was named as Washington Huskies' head coach Kalen Deboer made the jump to Tuscaloosa. He brought along his offensive coordinator, pushing Rees out of the job.

Ex-Notre Dame coach could be on his way to the NFL

Most of Rees' coaching career before jumping to Alabama ahead of the 2023 season was spent in South Bend. After spending 2015 as a GA at Northwestern and 2016 as an offensive assistant for the San Diego Chargers, he was hired by the Notre Dame football program as its quarterback coach.

He was promoted to OC/QBs coach in 2020 and was in that posiiton when he joined the Crimson Tide.