Tommy Rees trolled mercilessly in the face of potential unemployment

The former Notre Dame offensive coordinator now appears to be the former Alabama offensive coordinator as Kalen Deboer begins filling his Crimson Tide staff.
California v Notre Dame
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Tommy Rees continues to be having a very bad couple of weeks. And the former Notre Dame football offensive coordinator likely feeling like he was on top of the world late in the Alabama game against Michigan. Things fell fast.

Even after shouldering the blame for the offensive struggles in that game, especially in overtime, the future appeared bright. For a brief moment, it became even brighter after Nick Saban announced his retirement.

Shortly after the retirement became official, Tommy Rees was named among the top candidates to take over the job. Then other candidates like Dan Lanning and Mike Norvell turned the job down. Suddenly it was almost as though he was the last man standing.

Then Kalen Deboer was hired. What appears to be coming next had to be something that Rees absolutely knew would come. It would appear that the man who left Notre Dame to work under Saban, is now going to need to find somewhere else to work.

On Sunday, it was confirmed that Deboer brought over the offensive coordinator from Washington, Ryan Grubb to Tuscaloosa. He's bringing other offensive assistants as well. And Rees appears to be out of a job.

No one ever said that turning to social media during difficult personal episodes was a good idea. It would seem as though Tommy Rees should make sure to stay away from X.

Tommy Rees getting no love on social media in wake of apparent unemployment

Not everyone thinks kicking Tommy Rees to the curb is a good thing.

The new staff is simply better

It's been real

Tommy Rees getting ready for a new job?

Maybe it's time for Tommy Rees to try a new sport.

The bottom line is that Tommy Rees has had a rather wild ride the last couple of weeks. At the very least it should be interesting to see just where he lands.