Notre Dame football success would bother Georgia analyst, even if he says otherwise

People love to hate on Notre Dame football, and coming up with reasons to cope with an undefeated season, is the latest example.

It’s no surprise that Notre Dame football is still considered a villain by those around the sport. The fact that the Irish look like a lock to make the playoffs has fed into the hate.

But one Georgia sports writer who claims that they won’t be bothered if Notre Dame goes undefeated on its way to the College Football Playoffs actually shows they’re plenty bothered. About the Fighting Irish in general.

The writer, known as GlimmerTwinDawg, is part of Dawg Sports, the SB Nation site for Georgia athletics. The analyst recently wrote about they wouldn’t be bothered by the Irish going undefeated because they still won’t get one of the top playoff spots due to the way the 12-team field is set.

Notre Dame football bothers writer whether they admit it or not

“I relish the idea of their success, overrated as always, will not be rewarded. And instead actually punished for their ham-handed stance on conference memberships. Sure, they might get to host a mid-December playoff game at home. But they will inevitably get shellacked by an SEC or (Big Ten) team itching to knock off their gipper. This is a variation of schadenfreude – I want them to succeed only to lose out on an opportunity. And then fall short. Again.”

The “overrated again” comment makes it pretty clear that while the writer claims an Irish undefeated season wouldn’t bother him, it actually would. In fact, this is the tactic most people, much younger, usually make.

“I hate you so much, I don’t even think about you,” is the refrain of the jealous.

And while Georgia is undoubtedly one of the biggest and baddest on the block these days, Notre Dame football has been at that level for decades. So when the Irish make the playoffs, and then start knocking off teams like the Bulldogs, this writer can cry some crocodile tears.