Riley Leonard is healthy and ready to roll for Notre Dame football

The Notre Dame football team needs Riley Leonard to have a fantastic 2024 season and he says he's up to the task.

There’s zero doubt that the Notre Dame football team needs a healthy Riley Leonard to have a successful 2024 campaign. There’s also very little doubt that despite talk that he recovered towards the end of spring practice, there is concern that he might be a bit fragile.

There’s concern that the ankle injury that the Irish caused when Leonard was with Duke is going to be one that will plague him for months. Maybe even the rest of his career. However, the quarterback wants you to know that he’s back. He’s better than ever. He’s ready to go.

This week, Leonard was down in Louisiana at the Manning Passing Academy. He left Louisiana with some hardware, winning the Air It Out Championship while competing against some of the nation's best quarterbacks.

While he was down there, he talked about how he’s feeling, with just a month to go before the Notre Dame football team officially started spring practice. 

Notre Dame football quarterback Riley Leonard is healthy and ready to rock

"I'm very healthy," Leonard emphatically stated during an interview session. "If you were walking around in my body you wouldn't know you had any injuries in the first place. Feeling good, there's no limitations with anything workout wise that I'm doing, so I feel good."

Perhaps better than that, the quarterback made it clear that he’s been doing things to make sure he stays healthy. He’s doing things to try and make sure he won’t get hurt again.

"There are a lot of different things that I've been able to improve in my body as far as rotational things, arm strength, that I've been able to focus on while rehabbing my injury that I think I can really improve on." Leonard added.

The Notre Dame football team is close to finding out if Riley Leonard is bringing the goods. If he is, this could be one heck of a season to remember.