Smoke to rumors of Notre Dame football losing its top QB commit is real

Notre Dame football has been peppered with rumors that its top quarterback commit might be headed elsewhere for weeks, and one analyst says there's something to them.
George Robinson / The Tennessean / USA

Notre Dame has a fight on its hands for its top quarterback commit. While Deuce Knight still seems pretty solid to the Irish, there is more smoke and more fire to the idea that he’s got some real interest in Ole Miss.

Earlier this week, 247Sports recruiting analyst Tom Loy talked about all the rumblings around the SEC team. It seems that there’s been some rumors and even a Crystal Ball lodged saying that Knight could at least be seeing the Rebels as a backup plan. Loy said that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Notre Dame football needs to fight off Ole Miss all year

Loy spoke to fellow recruiting analyst Andrew Ivins about the possibility that Notre Dame football could lose their top quarterback commit. Loy thinks that at the very least, this is going to be a fight between the two schools.

Loy also believes that when things finally settle, Knight will eventually take an official visit to Ole Miss. That’s hardly good news for Irish supporters who are a bit worried about losing a commit who has seemed to strong for the Golden Domers.

“He is an elite talent from Mississippi right there,” Loy said. “Essentially in the backyard for the Rebels.

And they have a vacancy quarterback in 2025. He is the guy. There is not a run of a couple guys to watch.

It is all about Deuce Knight for Ole Miss.Ole Miss badly wants to land him. They have a great relationship with him. So my gut feeling is that Deuce Knight will eventually take a visit to Ole Miss. It will probably take place sometime this fall.”

For those who started to feel some anxiety, while Lane Kiffin and company are in the race, the analyst doesn’t believe they’ll win the fight in the end. 

“I do see him sticking with Notre Dame,” Loy added. ”I think he's got a tremendous relationship with Marcus Freeman,Gino Guidulli, Mike Denbrock, and really the entire class in 2025 headed to play for Marcus Freeman in South Bend. So strong ties there. It's not going to be easy to flip him. But, you know, there's something special there in his mind between him and Ole Miss. It's always going to be there in his heart.”

All of this means that while Notre Dame football still has a hold on its top quarterback commit, it’s not a lock that he’ll sign with the Fighting Irish come December.