Social media has harsh words for Michigan writer who trashed Notre Dame recruits

On3's EJ Holland was put on blast after he called Notre Dame commits 'weirdos' in a message board post he'd likely want back.
 at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend.
at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend. / MANDATORY CREDIT GREG SWIERCZ / USA

EJ Holland has been no stranger to controversy since he started covering recruiting. Once a Notre Dame football beat writer, he eventually moved to the Michigan side of things.

There are different stories about why he made the jump, but none of them are particularly good for the analyst. While he has never received a great deal of respect from his contemporaries, his latest comments have drawn fire from among Fighting Irish faithful and those who aren't involved at all in the rivalry between the two schools.

Notre Dame football social media reacts to EJ Hollands dragging Irish recruits

The comments in question came when Holland was asked on an E3 board what he meant by "Michigan type kids." He went out of his way to take a shot at Notre Dame football recruits by responding, "High academic/character, but not a weirdo like a lot of ND kids.”

Social media was not at all happy about those comments.

It wasn't just Notre Dame fans that had an issue. One Michigan State fan thinks Holland is a clown.

Some thought the comments were just very embarassing for Michigan

Others thought it reflected negatively on Holland's employer

Others thought it was peak behavior for the analyst

Others think that Holland just looks bitter and vengeful

Even some Michigan fans didn't love that he was trashing recruits, rather than the coaches

Rivalries are of course what makes college sports so entertaining. Most fanbases in those rivalries have no lover for either the other fans or the opposing school, but Holland's comments were quite different.

Even if he considers himself a fan of the Wolverines, he's someone whose job requires him to talk to recruits on a daily basis. Some of them are Notre Dame football commits. One has to wonder if On3 is ok with an analyst taking an unbidden swipe at them.