Tommy Rees savaged by Notre Dame football fans after OT playcall

Notre Dame football fans took to social media to blast Tommy Rees after he made a 4th and goal call that absolutely did not work.
Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy Rees speaks to members of the media.
Alabama offensive coordinator Tommy Rees speaks to members of the media. / Gary Cosby Jr.-Tuscaloosa News / USA

Tommy Rees had a pretty good 2023 football season right up until the last game on Alabama's schedule. The Crimson Tide and Jalen Milroe struggled on Monday night against Michigan's defense for most of the game, but it was Ree's playcall on the last play of contest that drew real ire.

On 4th and goal at the Michigan 3 yard line in overtime, with Tommy Rees and his squad down 27-20, Alabama had one more chance. It's not entirely clear if the play went anywhere close to what it was supposed to be, but it appeared that it was supposed to be a quarterback keeper.

However, a low snap thwarted things before they could get started, Milroe plunged into a line that had not budged and was tackled two yards short of the end zone. Ball game over. Michigan is going to the National Title Game. Alabama is going home until next fall.

There were play calls before the final one in OT that were suspect enough. Two runs into the heart of the Michigan defense only moved Alabama backwards. But it was definitely the final play that had everyone up in arms. And Notre Dame football fans were among the loudest to put Tommy Rees on blast.

Tommy Rees savaged on social media following Alabama loss

It's worth pointing out that for whatever reason, Alabama's defense completely disappeared at the end of the game. They allowed Michigan to drive down the field with relative ease to tie the game on a drive that started with three minutes in the game.

The Tide then allowed the Wolverines to score easily in overtime to take the lead that was eventually the winning score in the 27-20 game.

Notre Dame football fans are clearly torn about Tommy Rees. On the one hand, most are happy to rag on him since they didn't like him much when he was in South Bend. On the other, his failure allowed Michigan to continue their season.