When is the 2024 Senior Bowl? Location, how to watch & who is playing

When the 2024 Senior Bowl kicks off later this winter, there will be a trio of Notre Dame football players participating.
Feb 4, 2023; Mobile, AL, USA;  National offensive lineman Joey Fisher of Shepherd (72) and offensive
Feb 4, 2023; Mobile, AL, USA; National offensive lineman Joey Fisher of Shepherd (72) and offensive / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

There is less than two weeks left in the college football bowl season and then it’s all about waiting for the 2024 campaign to kick off. For Notre Dame football fans, there’s plenty to be excited about this spring and next fall. Not the least of which is the return of Xavier Watts and what that means for the Irish defense. But until the next season, there is always the 2024 Senior Bowl.

In many ways, the 2024 Senior Bowl is the last big college football game of the cycle until teams start to gear up for their spring practice and turn the page with their revamped and reloaded roster.

It’s a way for those who want to show off what they can do one more time. Maybe it’s for those who are hoping to show just enough to get some more looks by an NFL scout. Maybe they’re even hoping to get a longshot invite to the 2024 NFL Draft Combine.

At the very least, it’s a way for those who play in the 2024 Senior Bowl to get to step on the field and compete against their peers one last time. So when can those who want to see these players put on the pads again, watch the game? 

2024 Senior Bowl: How to watch

The 2024 Senior Bowl will be held at Hancock Whitney Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, on Feb. 3 at 1pm ET. The game will be broadcast live on NFL Network.

There are three members of the Notre Dame football team that Irish fans will be able to watch play this year. Defensive back Cam Hart, linebacker JD Bertrand and linebacker Marist Liufau have all accepted invitations to appear.

That, of course means that Notre Dame football fans will be able to watch some of their favorite players one more time in the 2024 Senior Bowl.