Notre Dame Football: National Signing Day Primer


This National Signing Day Primer for Notre Dame is really more of a cautionary tale.

College football fans, we are just one day away from opening up OUR Christmas presents (which makes me think that Purdue must feel like the poorest orphan in the country). So much of the fortunes (and misfortunes) of a college football program are a result of the first Wednesday in February, that is has basically become a new national holiday.

Notre Dame fans have a special love / hate relationship with this day. No Irish fan can conceivably complain about the overall end results of this day over the course of the last decade, but it does feel as if Notre Dame has had some major signing day setbacks, decommits, and just flat out embarrassing moments- and more than what we see (or think we see) across the country. While signing day victories do happen (Manti Te’o, Troy Niklas, and others) there seem to be a greater number of signing day defeats (Lorenzo Booker, Deontay Greenberry, and more) AND THEN EVEN WINS THAT TURN INTO MAJOR LOSSES (hello Eddie Vanderdoes).

So, before we continue, you probably need to check your emotions at the door.

The Committed

Before we get into anything else, you have to tip your cap to the current 22 commits- 5 of which are already enrolled. There are absolutely no rumors, no whispers, and no drama with these recruits. In fact… Notre Dame didn’t have a single decommit this year- which is basically a record in this modern era of recruiting.

All 17 recruits that are left are expected to send their LOI’s in early as Brian Kelly has his press conference around noon.

The Coverage

Say what you want about ESPN, but if you’re into recruiting and want this day on your TV from a national scope, than ESPN has you covered with 12 hours of coverage. CBS Sports Network always has something as well- though they usually do 2 different 3 hour segments.

And then of course… THE INTERNET.

There will be no stopping you as you peruse the recruiting sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and of course all of the coverage that Notre Dame itself will provide. You’ll have choices all over and perhaps a mini heart attack as well.

The Waiting

Notre Dame is in the “hunt” for several prospects on National Signing Day; Caleb Kelly, Jonathon Jones, Ben Davis, and possibly even Demetris Robertson if he decides to decide on National Signing Day. The Signing Day Announcement Schedule will help you keep tabs on when these recruits will declare and sign their pledge to the school of their choosing.

Things could get interesting with Robertson if he does decide to announce on signing day, and if he does… it will probably be for the Irish. Caleb Kelly has been throwing up smoke for a couple of weeks now, and Ben Davis has said something to the effect of “shocking” people (as if picking his dads school in his home state is OH MY GAWD IT’S SO SHOCKING). Jeff McCulloch has said something to the same effect as well… because a Texas linebacker picking Texas SHOCKS THE WORLD.

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Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • I will be hosting a Google Hangout with very important people and talking about very important recruiting details. Look for a 8:30ish start… THANKS CALEB KELLY
  • Don’t Tweet at recruits- that ain’t cool man.
  • Jim Harbaugh is a troll wearing long khaki diapers.

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