3 biggest gets for Notre Dame football in the transfer portal

It's time to really take a look at the biggest gets that stand out in a heck of a transfer portal season for Notre Dame football.
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Marcus Freeman and the Notre Dame football program has done a heck of a job adding players the Fighting Irish will find indispensable in the offseason. There really isn't a single player that was added through the portal that won't be important as the Golden Domers attempt a title run.

There are however, some players that stand out from the group. There are players that are likely going to make a bigger impact than others. Players in a position group that had great seasons for their former team and will likely have fantastic years for the Notre Dame football team this coming season.

The first player on this list should surprise no one. He's one of the best players to transfer to Notre Dame football but he's also one of the best players to transfer period. The only reason he didn't get more attention nationally is because of how quickly he made a call.

Notre Dame football adds one of the best quarterbacks in the transfer portal

QB. Riley Leonard. . Riley Leonard. 434. Riley Leonard. player. . .

Riley Leonard was someone who the Notre Dame football team had on the radar even before he officially entered the portal. It's not hard at all to see why the Irish seemed so interested in the dual-threat quarterback.

Leonard is basically Sam Hartman, only he could actually be even more of a threat on the ground while also still offering one heck of a weapon through the air. And those Notre Dame football fans who are disappointed by his play in 2023 are missing the point.

Leonard's big production was when he was fully healthy. In 2022 he was the kind of quarterback that other teams feared.

In his second season with Duke, Leonard completed 63.9 percent of his passes despite not having a ton of top weapons to throw to. He threw for 2,967 yards, 20 touchdowsn and just 6 interceptions. And then there's the damage he did on the ground with 699 yards and 13 touchdowns.

There's a reason Notre Dame football is quite excited about what Riley Leonard has to offer.