Deuce Knight constantly repping Notre Dame football - says recruit

Deuce Knight is hardly ever spotted out of his house wearing anything other than Notre Dame football gear, says one potential future teammate.
George Robinson / The Tennessean / USA

Over the last few days, the Notre Dame football team has had some real ups and downs. There was the decommitment of Shaun Terry and the Crystal Ball of Deuce Knight to Ole Miss as a kind of one-two punch before the weekend.

However, there was also the Irish Invasion that saw plenty of optimism and excitement from the targets and potential targets who attended. One of those was a stud defensive back in Bralan Womack. Once he got an offer, it became clear the Fighting Irish were the team to beat.

That wasn’t the only good news coming from the 2026 safety prospect though. It turns out that if there are concerns that Knight isn’t ending up in South Bend, he doesn’t share them.

Notre Dame prospect says Deuce Knight is always repping the school

Speaking to Matt Freeman of Irish Sports Daily, Womack said that whenever he sees the quarterback commit out and about, it’s like he’s a walking billboard for the Golden Domers.

“He is very vocal about Notre Dame,” Womack said. “I don't think I've ever seen Deuce outside of his house in something other than Notre Dame."

Those comments have to come as very good news for anyone who was getting a bit worried about some of the comments Knight made at the Irish Invasion. While the quarterback was still very happy with his commitment and where he with the coaches, he also made it clear that he’s liked what he’s seen from Ole Miss.

Knight made it clear that he’s solid to the Fighting Irish. However, he also made it clear that he knows that recruiting is basically a big business these days and he has to keep his options open.

Womack’s comments seem to indicate that the Notre Dame football team is still near and dear to the stud quarterback’s heart. If that doesn’t quell the concerns entirely, it might at least hearten those who are nervous.