Former Notre Dame football offensive lineman heads to the west coast

Former Fighting Irish offensive lineman Michael Carmody has found his new home, as he's going to be playing for UCLA in 2024.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish lineman Michael Carmody (68)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish lineman Michael Carmody (68) / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

As we head further into the 2024, the portal season for Notre Dame football is slowing down to a crawl. Earlier this week, one of the last Irish players who decided to leave South Bend found his new home.

Offensive lineman Michael Carmody announced that he's heading out to finish his career on the left coast. The big o-lineman is going to be enrolling with UCLA and oddly enough, will be playing in the Big Ten in 2024.

A change of scenery for Carmody certainly makes quite a bit of sense. At times, it's a real shame to see a Notre Dame football player feel as though he needs to go somewhere else. For Carmody, it would seem as if him heading to another school is the best choice for everyone involved.

Carmody saw his most action in 2021 for the Fighting Irish, since then, he's mostly watched as other players have passed him on the depth chart. In fact, he hasn't actually gotten onto the field during a game since since 2021.

Knowing that, it's hard to say that Carmody should have stuck around for another season. The eyebrow raising tidbit here is that he decided to hook on with another Power 5 program. It will certainly be interesting to see if Carmody is able to nab a starting role with the Bruins.

Ex-Notre Dame football player moves west

There are a couple of other interesting nuggest about Carmody heading to UCLA as it heads to a new conference. Chief among those is that head coach Chip Kelly is rumored to be looking to go back to the NFL before too long.

Carmody going to UCLA is also interesting because it's not as though he's heading home. The offensive lineman hails from Pennsylvania. So he'll be about as far away from home as the former Notre Dame football player could be.