Jalen Milroe has ex-Notre Dame football star excited for Riley Leonard

The athleticism of Milroe has convinced at least one ex-Notre Dame football player that Riley Leonard is going to be a special kind of weapon.
Duke v Louisville
Duke v Louisville / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

If Notre Dame football fans weren’t convinced before now that having a threat quarterback on the roster would be a massive boon, then a former Fighting Irish star is here to make you understand. And he’s using Alabama’s game against Michigan in the Rose Bowl to underline the argument.

Mike Goolsby, who spent time as a captain for the Notre Dame football team, was quite impressed by what he saw out of Crimson Tide quarterback Jalen Milroe. Even if the Rose Bowl wasn’t Milroe’s best performance, the former Irish star saw what Notre Dame’s attack could be in 2024.

“Whatdya’ know…” Goolsby wrote on X during the Rose Bowl. “Things break down, nothing is working in a big time environment…An athlete at QB pulls through puts a team on his back. Come on down Riley Leonard!”

Goolsby is making an argument for Leonard because, surprisingly, there are some Irish fans who don’t seem to be all that excited about the addition of the former Duke Bluedevil. Most of the objections to Leonard appear to be based on what he did in 2023, stat-wise.

Goolsby is paying more attention to the potential that Leonard brings. The potential that made him a top target for the Irish even before he officially entered the transfer portal. The former Irish captain underlined that when he was asked about his excitement over Notre Dame and how they’d use Riley Leonard next season.

Notre Dame football prepping for talented QB

“Ligit [SIC] question I don't know the answer to,” one user asked Goolsby. “Does Leonard bring an athleticism that isn't currently in the room or are you excited about him over the other 3?”

“Riley was going to play D1 hoops,” the former Notre Dame football star responded. “Fell into football bc of Covid…much better athlete than Steve, Kenny or CJ. Still tons of room to develop as a QB on top of the athleticism.”

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