Jordan Faison blows Marcus Freeman away en route to another Notre Dame title

For one more day, Jordan Faison was a Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse player, rather than a football player, and Marcus Freeman is totally good with that.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish star Jordan Faison takes on Maryland
Notre Dame Fighting Irish star Jordan Faison takes on Maryland / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The headline for today is obviously the improbable, incredible repeat national championship for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Golden Domers took on the Maryland Terrapins in the NCAA title game and, once again, absolutely dominated the competition to the tune of a 15 to 5 victory.

In the midst of what was an unquestionably dominant performance there were several performances that stood out for the Fighting Irish. While Jordan Faison's performance was hardly the best of the afternoon - that honor goes to Christ Kavanaugh and his five goals - Faison had one of the niftiest scores of the game.

It was in fact, so impressive that it very obviously impressed the head coach for the other team Faison plays for.

The player, who is still just a freshman, has been showing anybody and everybody that he's got the kind of talent that is going to make him very special as the years go on. That includes showing head Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman what's to come in the next few years by taking the Sun Bowl MVP award after catching 4 passes for a season and career high 111 yards and one touchdown.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish star wows head coach in National Title victory

It wasn't just that Faison scored a goal in the final game of his very successful freshman campaign. It was how he did it.

Faison only had one goal on the day (on three shots) but the Notre Dame star was determined to get on the board in the championship game.

At first, it looked like he was going to be denied as the goalie managed to knock his shot down, however, Faison didn't quit, grabbed the ball off the ground and flipped it over his back shoulder, into the net.

After he scored the goal that made the score 11-4 and essentially put the game away, ESPN cameras caught Notre Dame football coach Marcus Freeman sitting in the luxury box, checking out the game and showing how impressed he was by the shot. You can watch the whole sequence above.