Michigan writer can't stop with terrible Notre Dame football takes

Michigan writer EJ Holland has once again shown that he is chock full of terrible Notre Dame football takes this summer.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame football team’s rivalry with Michigan might be on hold on the football field, but it’s clear there’s no love lost between the two sides off the field. Especially when it comes to recruiting.

Maybe that’s why there is one Michigan beat writer that just can’t seem to keep the Irish out of his mouth. Of course, there’s an extra twist to just why EJ Holland keeps talking about the Golden Domers.

Holland made headlines last week when he went out of his way to badmouth the Notre Dame football team and more specifically the recruits who commit to play for it. As it turns out, it’s pretty clear that part of his problem with the program is that he used to cover it, and things didn’t go so well when he did.

Notre Dame football lives rent free in Michigan writer’s head

Holland’s latest nonsense take once again circulated on social media not long after he predicted that 4-star safety JaDon Blair to commit to the Fighting Irish when he announces his pledge on July 5.

Holland took some guff from a Notre Dame fan who knew about his earlier comments calling Irish commits “weird.”

“So what you’re saying…” the fan wrote. “Is that Blair is weird? Or he’s not weird but making a bad choice?” And it was here where Holland made yet another odd and totally wrong comment.

“ND is an inferior program. Just a fact. Michigan literally taught ND how to play football. I was born in 91 and have never seen ND win anything.”

While the Irish have certainly been on a drought, it’s absolutely silly to claim that the Irish are the inferior program. But then again, when someone uses “since I was born” as the measuring stick, it’s pretty easy to realize his opinions on Notre Dame football shouldn’t be taken seriously.