Sacred threads: New Notre Dame football jersey emerge from the shadows

These Notre Dame football jerseys were first noticed in EA Sports College Football 25, and it turns out they weren't a mistake
Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

It turns out that one of the sightings in EA Sports College Football 25 wasn’t a mistake. It’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Back when the game was first unveiled, Irish fans quickly noticed that a version of the beloved jerseys were wrong. Or changed. Or glitched out. Turns out it was just a preview of what’s coming. There is a varied response to the new jersey being a real thing.

New Notre Dame football jerseys spotted in the wild

The new jerseys look the same as the ones Golden Domer fans are used to with one big change. Rather than the Notre Dame logo lettering being white, it’s gold. 

At the time that EA Sports College Football was still being announced and shown off, people wondered if it was little more than the devs still needing to iron out some kinks. However, one Twitter user has now confirmed that it appears Electronic Arts was just given an early heads up on this change.

Twitter user Kevin Popit appears to be the first to both find and document that the jerseys do exist and are now for sale. 

“I know these were seen in the NCAA game,” the user wrote. “But this is the first I’ve seen any other data on them. Not a fan.” 

He tagged the Notre Dame football uniform tracker who had similar sentiments about the small but significant change.

“Damn. Thank you for showing, as this is my first time seeing them as well,” that account wrote. “Not a fan, but I guess we’ll have to see.”

It is of course possible that they could look a bit better when they’re getting worn and aren’t just sitting in the store. However, there weren’t many that loved the idea of the gold rather than white Notre Dame football logo when they saw it “being worn” in EA Sports College Football 25.