3 Notre Dame players most likely to get 99 ratings in EA Sports College Football 25

A 99 rating is the highest honor a Notre Dame football player could get on EA Sports College Football 25, and there's a couple of guys who could earn that rating.
Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA

Now that we know EA Sports College Football 25 is coming and even when (July 19!), it's time to start thinking about how Notre Dame football will look in the first iteration of the game in more than a decade. We of course, did get some info on how Notre Dame will be featured, we also know a ton of players have opted in.

One of the things that's still shrouded in mystery for fans of the game is how players like Riley Leonard will be rated in EA Sports College Football 25. We're all eagerly awaiting any sort of indication on how these players will rate out in the new game. However, thanks to Madden's long-standing tradition, we do have a good idea that a 99 rating is the cream of the crop. 

It's the rating few players have a real chance of getting. It's the closest to perfection that anyone in EA Sports College Football 25 could get. So who might be among the Notre Dame football players contending for that honor? There's a trio of defenders you could definitely make a case for, though it's likely only one of the three will actually be gifted the rating.

Notre Dame football players who could earn a 99 rating in EA Sports College Football

Xavier Watts - Safety

The first entry on this list should really be a no-brainer. Watts had one of the best seasons in the Notre Dame defensive backfield in recent memory. He racked up seven interceptions and was considered the kind of safety opposing offenses tried to stay away from.

He also had a good enough 2023 campaign he was named an All-American. It's hard to think of a criteria better than being named one of the best players in the sport than being eligible for a 99 rating.

Howard Cross III - Defensive lineman

Cross might have only had three sacks in 2023, but the nosetackle was known for being a disrupter who might not have racked up the sacks but he got near the quarterback plenty of times. 

The Notre Dame football star was also a All-American alongside Xavier Watts and as frosting on the cupcake garnered an 89.8 overall rating by Pro Football Focus. That was one of the best grades given out to any defensive player last year. 

Sounds like a 99 EA Sports College Football rating to me.

Benjamin Morrison - Cornerback

Morrison has long been considered one of the best defensive backs in college football. He's also considered someone who will likely get selected in the first round of the 2025 NFL Draft

It's worth noting that while Notre Dame football fans are worried about whether Morrison can return to full strength after a spring injury, that won't affect what rating he gets in the game.