Notre Dame football front and center in latest EA Sports College Football leak

The Notre Dame football team has never looked better than in a recent EA Sports College Football 25 leak ahead of the official reveal.
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Those patiently waiting for updates about EA Sports College Football 25 got some very good news on Friday morning. Some eagle-eyed gamers just happened to notice that the game now has its official cover art, at least for the deluxe edition. Alongside that little tidbit, a screenshot surfaced that should have Notre Dame football fans positively giddy. 

One thing's for certain, the screenshot reveals that the game's graphics are set to be truly exceptional. So much so, that it's not immediately apparent that it's a screenshot until you're informed. 

The picture in question shows a scene that is clearly as a game is getting started at Notre Dame stadium. The Fighting Irish are running onto the field in all their glory with a nice over-the-shoulder look. There's even the very pretty gleam of the sun off the golden helmets. In the background, fans can be seen cheering on the team as it gets ready to take the field.

Notre Dame football always features prominently in EA Sports College Football marketing

There is also one rather interesting aspect to the pic. A closer look revealed that the monogrammed ND on the players' shoulders are gold rather than the traditional white. Here's hoping this can be explained away as one of the alt-uniforms that can be deployed in EA Sports College Football 25. Otherwise, this might be a small oversight, but one that Notre Dame football fans definitely noticed. 

The picture is an especially welcomed site because, after a flurry of information earlier this spring, there's been quite a bit of radio silence from Electronic Arts. That's expected, considering the company already let everyone know there'd be a full reveal in May. Now that the month is here, the wait is almost over. 

Alongside the pictures and the cover (which also has a few glimpses of Notre Dame football included) were reports of when gamers can finally expect a full reveal. EA Sports College Football 25 is said to be unveiled on May 16 at 11 am.

Notre Dame football fans should mark their calendars now. If that screenshot is any indication, the Fighting Irish will be prominently featured in whatever trailer comes with the announcement.